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How to Keep the Elderly Safe at Home


Aging can cause weakness and make seniors prone to accidents. So as providers of in-home health services in Dallas, how can we make their homes free from fall risks?

We must prioritize their safety and make adjustments and repairs to protect them from harm. As part of their safety and disability care plan, you can follow our tips below:

  • Mats and rugs
    Do not place rugs below stairs. Choose non-slip mats in the bathroom to avoid slipping accidents.
  • Handrails
    Handlebars are essential items in-home safety. Install them in bathrooms, pathways, staircases, and other places at home where seniors frequently go.
  • Clutter
    Clutters are potential hazards to the elderly. Seniors can trip over the mess and lose their balance – causing fractures, wounds, and head injuries. Put the trash in the garbage, remove boxes in passageways, and keep small electronic items such as blowers and chargers after use to avoid electrocution.
  • Supervision
    Nothing beats watchful assistance from people who genuinely care. Companionship services can provide help while keeping seniors independent.

With careful personal care services in McKinney, Texas, we can guarantee the security of seniors at home. We know that as a family, you want them to live their golden years with comfort, convenience, and overall safety. And AAA Personal Care Service has the expertise you need for your loved ones.

If you need a long-term care provider for your seniors, call us at 469-440-9205.

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