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Elderly Care: Tips to Promote Good Hygiene in Seniors

Elderly Care: Tips to Promote Good Hygiene in Seniors

When we get older, certain tasks like personal hygiene become more challenging to perform each day. A lack of mobility and low energy can cause seniors to skip laundry day or bathing and grooming, which can affect their mental and physical health. Hence, personal care services in Plano, Texas, may be necessary to address their needs.

As a long-term care provider, we will share effective tips for promoting good hygiene habits in aging adults:

  • Create a daily routine.
    To make sure all hygiene tasks are performed each day, devise a daily routine or schedule. This should include all hygiene tasks, such as combing hair, brushing teeth, or applying deodorant. Try to perform these tasks at the same time each day to develop a routine and create a sense of stability.
  • Implement safety measures.
    Fall accidents are unfortunately common among seniors, especially in the bathroom. To prevent falls, implement safety measures in the bathroom. Place non-slip mats on the floor, install better lighting, and consider installing assistive devices like shower chairs, grab bars or handrails.
  • Protect your loved one’s modesty.
    Many seniors refuse senior care or additional help with personal care as they may find it degrading. A home care provider can protect a senior’s modesty by providing professional care and the right level of support. This allows seniors to have more control over the hygiene process.

AAA Personal Care Service is a trusted provider of in-home health services in Dallas. To help seniors maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, we offer personal care and assistance. This ensures good personal hygiene to promote both physical and mental health. To receive comprehensive care, kindly set an appointment with our specialists.

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