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Depression and Its Signs in Senior Adults


A person will likely have a difficult time getting through the loss of a loved one, unemployment, or being cut off from the rest of society for long periods.

At their age, seniors should have experienced all of those mentioned, and emotions like sadness or grief in response to such events are natural. However, it might turn into depression which can affect a senior’s appetite, energy level, and physical health.

As a long-term care provider, we’re listing the common symptoms of depression we observe among seniors that families should watch out for:

  • Declined social, hobby, and personal care
    Patients may feel withdrawn from their typical social contact with other people and activities. They may also neglect meal preparation, medication, and personal hygiene.
  • Lack of motivation, energy, and self-worth
    It’s common for patients to worry about being a burden or feel useless and devalued.
  • Unexplained or worsened aches and pains
    Depression in older people can cause physical pains, slowed movement and speech, problems getting to sleep, and memory loss.

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