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Common Barriers to Personal Hygiene in Older Adults


As we get older, we face many challenges that affect our independence and ability to perform day-to-day activities. One of the most commonly affected aspects of aging is personal hygiene. Hence, many seniors and their families turn to personal care services in McKinney, Texas to address this need.

As a leading long-term care provider, we will discuss the common barriers that seniors face that affect their personal hygiene:

  • Fear and Discomfort
    For many elders, the bathroom is an uncomfortable and dangerous space. The cold floor tiles and water temperature can make bathing uncomfortable, while the slippery flooring and dim lighting increase the chances of fall-related injuries. In-home caregivers can provide assistance to increase comfort and safety.
  • Impaired Mobility
    Mobility issues are another common reason why a senior may refuse to bathe. Existing mobility issues make it difficult to perform their hygiene routine. Meanwhile, a recent fall or injury that affected their mobility may make seniors more fearful to use the bathroom on their own.
  • Weaker Senses
    As we age, our sense of smell and sight tends to decline. As a result, seniors may be unaware of body odor or stains on their clothes. Aging weakens the senses, and this may lead seniors to bathe less frequently than they used to.

If you need professional support to ensure your loved ones’ safety while doing their daily functions, you can turn to a caregiver in Plano for help.

AAA Personal Care Service is a reputable provider of exceptional in-home health services in Dallas. To help our elderly clients maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, we offer assistance with personal care and hygiene. Reach out to us to discuss how we can be of assistance to your loved one.

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